Earn up to $25 of rewards, just for good brushing!*

A new smart toothbrush system that tracks your brushing habits, tells you what you are doing well, and where you can improve.


Scientific evidence shows great oral health is an important part of great overall health.

Your dental health is more important than you may realize. As people with advanced oral diseases may also have an increased risk of other health issues in the body, especially with heart health and diabetes.


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Brush smarter

Real-time coaching and personalized brushing insights help you build healthier habits — so, every time you brush, you brush smarter.

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Light up the way to better brushing

Oral-B Sense comes with an LED charging base that lights up when:

  • You brush too hard
  • It’s time to move to another quadrant in your mouth
  • You’ve reached two full minutes of brushing
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Stay connected to your oral health

Sense instantly syncs to the Oral-B Connect app after you brush, so you can track progress overtime, get oral health tips, and improve your brushing routine.

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Know exactly when to change your brush head

Did you know dentists recommend changing your brush head every 90 days? That’s 360 minutes of brushing. With the Connect app, we tell you the exact moment it’s time for a replacement and can even help you get new brush heads delivered to your door.

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Make brushing a rewarding experience

Get rewarded for building better brushing habits. Earn points you can redeem on great rewards like promo codes to use toward top oral care products.

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A healthier mouth is key to a healthier you. Get better oral health with Oral-B Rewards.

  • Real-time coaching
  • Personalized brushing insights
  • Rewards for healthier habits
  • Brush head health tracker

What users are saying

Paul C.
This brush and smart base have made brushing fun for me! The lights and the feedback in the emails have made me pay closer attention to my oral care.
Bobby Z.
I didn’t think it would affect me as much as it did while I brushed, but I noticed that I gradually adjusted my brushing technique and started brushing longer.
Ashleigh K.
I look forward to seeing how well I brushed at the end of my session, and receiving the e-mails each week, to see how much I’ve improved.
Kyle P.
It’s a more personal brushing experience that gets your teeth and mouth very clean.
Ashleigh K.
I look forward to brushing my teeth, two times a day, and instead of a chore, it feels exciting to me.
Jeff E.
I felt encouraged to brush just a little bit longer each day over the prior day, making my teeth just that much healthier.
Brad B.
I really love this toothbrush and I think you may have finally swayed me away from the sonic type brush. This style just seems to work that much better.

(from consumer usage studies)

*Rewards can only be used for P&G products at